Privacy coin Monero pumps 31% amid US taxation plans

Monero’s surge amid cryptocurrency taxation news adds to an 84% bounce since the recent market crash. Coinciding with news that United States President Joe Biden’s proposed tax plan would require tax reporting on business transactions exceeding $10,000, the value of privacy coin Monero (XMR) climbed 31% on Friday. Biden’s American Families tax plan would require exchanges and...

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Bitcoin bull market ‘still halfway’ after $30K BTC price crash destroys leverage

The classic end of a Bitcoin bull run, a “mania top,” has not appeared yet, while fundamentals are unchanged in their outlook, says Willy Woo. Bitcoin is still “halfway” through its current bull market, and this week’s price dip turned out to be a “win” for hodlers, according to on-chain analyst Willy Woo. In the latest...

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Senator warns lack of regulations could harm Australian crypto innovation

Australian senator Andrew Bragg has urged regulators to develop clear and comprehensive regulations to encourage innovation and ensure global competitiveness. Conservative Australian senator, Andrew Bragg, has asserted that Australia must introduce better regulations for crypto assets if the country is to “stay ahead of the game” and foster innovation. Appearing on Sky News, the member of...

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Shanghai Man: China’s annual ban explained, ‘crypto crash’ trending … and more

A breakdown of major regulatory announcements in China after latest warning, and a major event at the Shanghai Belagio for the blockchain scene This weekly roundup of news from Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong attempts to curate the industry’s most important news, including influential projects, changes in the regulatory landscape, and enterprise blockchain integrations....

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Bitcoin correction heralded as a ‘BTD’ opportunity, but what about DeFi?

DeFi protocols were buzzcut as their token values plummeted and the total value locked on all platforms fell to levels not seen since April. Cryptocurrency investors are still picking up the pieces from the May 19 market-wide implosion which saw Bitcoin (BTC) drop to an unexpected low at $30,000. Post-mortem analysis now shows that the correction...

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Bitcoin whale who sold at $58K has reaccumulated 3,521 BTC

The whale sold off 3,000 BTC on May 9 for an average price of $58,503.39. They began to reaccumulate less than one week later. Still reeling from a historic price collapse this week, Bitcoin (BTC) received positive news on Thursday after a mysterious whale reportedly reaccumulated a large stash of the digital asset. The whale...

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Exchange inflows, on-chain data show retail traders fueled Bitcoin’s sell-off

Whale wallet activity and exchange inflows indicate that the recent market sell-off was driven by retail traders, while institutional investors gladly bought the dip. For the crypto faithful who have been in the space since 2017, the market moves over the past few days have caused flashbacks for some, stirring up long-repressed memories of Bitcoin’s...

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Swiss banking giant UBS to reportedly offer rich clients crypto investments

Crypto investment offerings for wealthy clients will be limited to a small fraction of their portfolios, due to the volatility of the asset class, sources say. UBS Group AG is exploring various ways to offer its wealthy clients the possibility of investing in digital assets, anonymous sources claim. A new report from BNN Bloomberg suggests that investment...

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Google search interest in Dogecoin outstrips Bitcoin for first time

For the first time, more people globally are searching for news surrounding the meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin than Bitcoin. Global public interest in Dogecoin (DOGE), as measured by internet search statistics, has exceeded that of Bitcoin (BTC) for the first time. According to data from Google Trends, values assigned to each cryptocurrency for May 2–8 stand...

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Dogecoin an ‘invaluable fad‘ that will help the cryptocurrency space, says exec

Yo-yo, Tamagotchi… Dogecoin! The rapid emergence of Dogecoin (DOGE) as the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has led some to perceive the meme coin as a mere fad — something very much here today, but doomed to be gone by tomorrow. But in the unlikely event that Dogecoin were to actually disappear tomorrow, its lasting...

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