2-in-1 Power Indicator


2-in-1 Power Indicator


Unlock your trading potential and get the edge on the market.

The “Hellomycrypto” power indicator is an essential tool to assist you in your trading strategy, maximizing your “entry” and “exit” while keeping you ahead of the curve.
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We propose two indicators that works in pairs to offer robust trading signals:
– HelloMyCrypto customed Super Trend
– HelloMyCrypto Oscillator

Our version of the “Super Trend” indicator has a few special features.
The traditional “Super Trend” defined support/barriers that trigger trading signals when crossed.
The inconvenient is that these supports and barriers are static which can lead to late signals.

Our version account for the trend in a longer time frame trend to decide to add a momentum component to these barriers and supports, allowing for the “Super Trend” to anticipate the next signal and maximizing profit. In addition, this version can use RSI to confirm signals.

This “Hellomycrypto” indicator which is based on the asset price, works best with our “Oscillator” that accounts for multiple indicators to provide high level view of the market trend.
It blends the RSI, the CCI and the Stochastic indicator in a unique way to generate robust signals.

Both indicators can be used independently, but we recommend waiting for the confirmation of a signal from one indicator by the other for optimal win.

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